Best Backpacking Cot that you can buy

Hi there! Are you looking for best backpacking cot? we are here to find a solution for you and us as well. We are present a short list of lightweight best backpacking cots available on the market which is also best camping cot as well. Sometimes we are worried about the weight of cot and it makes our camping less comfortable what we imagine. Camping always gives us a lot of pleasure but if you are not sleeping properly when you are on camping it will be worse experience of your life!

Do you think of a safe and comfortable camping?  If you think of a safe and comfortable camping, the best backpacking cot is the best option for you. No, it’s not a joke but an experience. A full third of our day is meant to be spent sleeping. That doesn’t amendment if you’re a reception, on vacation, or out on the path with a backpack. Obtaining a decent night’s sleep prepares the United States for our day, be that within the workplace, or out with a scout group. ‘Roughing it’ could be fun in school, or for an evening, however, bushed all, it pays to be ready and set up ahead. For years once habitation I’ve slept with a foam pad beneath my bag and that I questioned, there has got to be a stronger manner. I’m not transferring a full-size cot with me; even if most of the time I’m no more than one hundred yards from my automobile.

Now we are going to review 4 best backpacking cot. Review ours but the decision is yours!

  1. The Therm-a-Rest  LuxuryLite Ultralite Cot
  2. The Folding Camp Cot
  3. Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot
  4. Kamp-Rite Economy Cot

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot review

Our first choice is the Therm-a-Rest  LuxuryLite Ultralite Cot. why we chose this one? This backpacking cot is very lightweight and easy to use for any kind of camp area. Its Lightweight but strong which is very durable and the confirm the quality of best backpacking cot.

The folks at Therm-a-Rest started in 1971 with similar questions on sleep and habitation, their 1st product was a self-inflating mattress and they’ve ne’er looked back. Then currently turn out a spread of habitation gear.

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Mesh Cot


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Materials in the box:

  • Shock twilled poles
  • 16 individual poles, eight every inexperienced and gold Cot fabric
  • Carry bag with directions sewed within

Key features of The Therm-a-Rest  LuxuryLite Ultralite Cot

  1. Max pack weight, four single bows, two double bows, and bag: two lbs ten oz.
  2. Min packs weight, four single bows:
  3. With bag: 2lbs .4 oz.
  4. Without bag: 1lb fourteen oz.
  5. Max setup supports 325lbs.
  6. Min setup supports 175lbs.
  7. Packs all the way down to 14″ long x 5″ diameter
  8. No crossbars
  9. Tool-less assembly
  10. Cot cloth size: seventy-three .75″ x 23.75″
  11. Supports you 4′-5″ of height of the bottom


The Therm-a-Rest  LuxuryLite Ultralite Cot includes 2 shock-corded metal poles that type the perimeters of the cot, an extended rectangular piece of polyester ripstop cloth that you just lie on, and eight 2-piece bow frame bars with two plastic feet,  that lock the bow frame bars in situ and lift you up off the bottom. The cot is incredibly straightforward to line up once you are doing it many times.Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Mesh Cot

It takes plenty of hand strength to place within the bow supports. A ten-year previous boy would have bothered with it, however associate degree older boy or adult ought to manage simply fine. Follow reception before making an attempt this outdoors. I’m glad I did. Assembly within the cold while not gloves worked fine, however activity was plenty colder than I expected. The cot comes with enough feet and poles to support up to 325 lbs, however, you’ll use 0.5 the poles and solely eight feet and support up to 175lbs. I’m two hundred lbs, and for testing, I used the total system.


This ranks up there with the simplest night of sleep you have got ever had habitation. The distinction in comfort between lying on the bottom vs. lying in an exceedingly bag employing a foam pad is analogous to the distinction between lying on a foam pad, and victimization this cot. It’s not your Tuft & Needle pad reception, however, it’s an enormous improvement over a foam pad. At 72+ long and ~24″ wide, it’s a bigger sleeping space than any of different foam pads and packed smaller. you may ne’er want you’re the drop-off of it.

The ground isn’t flat. A foam pad conforms to the bottom and you’ll feel roots and different ostensibly tiny changes. With a cot, you’re suspended on top of the bottom irregularities. It’s one continuous surface. Further, some cots have crossbars beneath your back, the Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot doesn’t. The crossbars area unit between you and therefore the ground, however, they type tension that suspends the cot fabulous temperature, you’ve got airflow beneath you. This is often positive and negative. wherever your body is heaviest is on the cot, you compress your bag which starts harm heat from below. Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Ultralite  Cot that I’m progressing to explore for next winter.

From a comfort perspective, this is often unquestionably higher than a foam pad. From a heat perspective, it’s higher than sleeping while not a foam pad. a mix of the 2 would be outstanding. Curiously, within the morning packing up, the bottom beneath my tent was compacted, however not liquefied love it usually would be. You couldn’t tell wherever my cot had been in relationship to the bottom. On the positive facet, within the summer, this could additionally permit airflow keeping you cooler, I’m wanting forward to it

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Mesh Cot Durability:

A foam pad conforms to the bottom, any variation of bump or root is felt in an exceeding foam pad, however, a cot touches the bottom in eight-twelve places and places the sleeper 4″-5″ on top of ground irregularities. This has its trade-off in sturdiness for your tent but. A foam pad but spreads out your entire weight on the complete floor. This cot goes to place your entire weight on 8-12 points. At 200lbs and twelve points on behalf of me, that’s 16lbs per purpose

Make sure you get the feet on every pole all the manner before putting in. Through traditional use in 3 overnights, I’ve bent 2 poles slightly I believe through not golf stroke the poles in tightly. Even with the slight bend I’ve caused, the cot remains 100% useful. The material feels like new and appears to be alright sewed.


What is the worth of a decent nights rest? Thanks to the care required for it, and therefore the strength to assemble and destruct, I can’t say I’d advocate it to youth scouts I work with, however, I don’t hear them whining concerning their joints within the morning either. This cot packs tiny with larger comfort thus ones hips don’t want hurt and back and legs won’t cramp.



  • Lightweight but strong which is very durable
  • Very comfortable with camping in any season of the year.
  • Useful for one person use.
  • Easy to set up


  • To set up you will need a  plain land.
  • Not very high from the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is capable to use it?

Answer: All types of travel-loving persons can use it.

  •  Will I get any carrying bag with this cot?

Answer: Yes, a carrying bag will be given with this cot.

  • What is the capacity of this cot?

  Answer:  Max setup supports 325lbs.

  • What is the packed size?

Answer: Packs all the way down to 14″ long x 5″ diameter

  •  Is there any crossbar in this cot?

Answer: No, there is no cross bars.


From the discussion of above, It is clear that Therm-a-Rest  Luxurylite Ultralite cot is most useful for smart campers. It will give them extra comfort which is hardly be thought during camping outside. This cot is very light in weight but it is strong.  Its setup system is very easy that anyone can assemble it if follows the instruction provided with it inside the bag. So, do not worry to purchase this extraordinary cot. you can take it as the best backpacking cot, which is best camping cot as well. And don’t forget to take one camping pillow to make your camping easy and more comfortable!

The Folding Camp Cot Review

 Outsunny Deluxe Folding Military-style Camping Cot

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Do not have enough space? Do you need a cot for your camping? You need not be frustrated. The Out sunny “Army-style” Folding Camp cot will solve your problem. It is sturdy, designed snug, and designed to last! This Folding “Army-style” cot is nice for all sorts of outside use as well as indoor use, too. It’s nice for adults or children; campers, explorers, or maybe that surprising house guest. If you wish a decent night’s sleep the folding camp cot is for you!

Glorious for anyone

It is suitable for adults or children; campers, explorers, and we think that surprising house guest which we told before. This cot will give you extra advantages with a wide and long shape. The folding camp cot is glorious for different uses.


The Folding camp cot is a transportable and easy carry from one place to another. This cot can be set at any place like sea beach, mountains, sports, hospitals etc. It can be carried in a bag on your vehicles. But for its extra large size, it may cause difficulty during your transportation.

Strong steel frame

This folding cot is made of aircraft-quality steel and square measure created mistreatment heavy 600X300D pure color Oxford material; you’ll depend upon this cot to last overnights

Washable and mildew resistant

The materials used in this cot are washable and mildew resistant. You can wash this cot when you need without any hesitation. So, wash it anytime and keep it shiny, clean and glittering.

Distended Size

The size of this cot is very attractive for the travelers. The length of this cot is 75inches and the width is 23inches. When it is unfolded its height is 11inches.This specially-crafted army cot is meant to be extra-long; therefore there isn’t any worrying concerning your feet hanging off the edge

Weight Capacity

This folding cot is very strong. Its weight capacity is 331 lbs. So you can sleep on this bed without any tension of breaking down. This folding cot is made powerful, adhering to the prime quality normal designed set for our outside instrumentality.

Ideal use

This high-end military cot is additionally ideal as Associate in Nursing emergency cot and is presently utilized by several shelters. With a height of 11″(eleven)inches, you simply rise higher than the exhausting, cold ground – and get up feeling a lot of rest! Sleep soundly with the distinctive, body-contouring cloth.

Easy discovered and take down (in underneath two minutes), these folding camp cots build encampment a snap Associate in Nursing square measure nice for any outside use – excellent as an emergency cot, military cot, cabin cot, or maybe that surprising nightlong guest at your home.



  • The folding camp cot is Easy to use and set up.
  • This cot is enough long and wide; it is suitable for personal use.
  • Because of using oxford materials it is very durable.
  • Flexible and standard size, easy to carry from one place to another.
  • For its light weight, it is easy to discover and take down


  • It seems too large to carry or transport.
  • Sometimes it may not be comfortable during camping because of its hard steel frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the composition of its cloth webbing? What’s “Oxford”?

Answer: It looks like plain-woven nylon. No plan what Oxford is?

  • Is the frame steel?

Answer: It appears, therefore, it’s too significant to be aluminum

  •  Does anyone else have issues losing the 5/8″ conduit finish caps?

Answer: The end caps within the middle once the cot is unpleated bear against one another.

  •  Can a bed rail be connected to this?

Answer: No. there’s no provision to connect a bed rail. If you temporary one thing, it’d most likely turn if an individual moved too way to 1 facet. Do not waste your cash on this. It is terribly fragile and breaks simply

  •  Will the bar hit you in the middle of your back?

Answer: Nobody has complained concerning them, together with my mistreatment of them on many occasions. Work fine for use.

  •  Does this cot require assembly?

Answer: No, no assembly required.

The Conclusion

The Folding Camp Cot is an essential tool for the campers. Campers will be able to use this cot both inside and outside of the home. It may be used in emergency, medical or as an extra bed in your bedroom. The persons who want smart camping the folding camp cot is the perfect choice for them.  Its 75” long by 23” wide, there’s lots of space which will give you more comfort during your camping hours. You can be sure that you must be satisfied if you purchase the folding camp cot and it would be best backpacking cot.



Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot Review

 Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot

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Do you like to camp in the mountains? Do you think about the comfort of your camping in the mountains? Generally camping in the mountains is considered one of the most challenging and adventurous activities. Yes, it is very challenging but your camping in the mountains will be smoother than any other challenging adventures when you camp in the mountains with “The Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot.”  The Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot is within the cluster of foldable cots, those who cut back to a tiny low size once packed and don’t would like any tool for setting them up. It will be your most comfortable cot during your camping in the mountains.

Assembly and Weight

This cot wants assembly, however, this can be dodged tools and in barely one or two of minutes. Its weight is 9.8 pounds (4.45 kg), therefore though it is hooked up to the backpack, this can be not a tool to hold long distances.

Suitable For Campers

The mentioned weight and also the packed size thirty-two (32) x seven (7) inches (81 x 18 cm) confirm its best use and users. This can be a cot for home use as an additional bed for sleepovers, and an outside sleeping bed for any activity wherever you are doing not need to carry it yourself. So, you would like an automotive or a bike to move it to your inhabitancy place, however, this will even be exhausted your kayak further.

Easy to Use

This tent has four bars rather than pointed legs; therefore, in essence, this cannot be therefore unhealthy style concerning the tent floor. However the bars are skinny, and that would add one thing beneath them in any case and especially if the piece of ground is incredibly soft. This cot is barely seventeen cm high, therefore it’ll work even within the lowest solo tents like this Eureka Solitaire Bevy Tent. Except for assembly, it’s going to be higher to try to this outside, and this is even for slightly larger tents for 2 persons. During this case, tents with front doors (like the one mentioned above) would be additional appropriate to urge the open cot in.

Pads and insulation

In principle, you are doing not would like a pad if you utilize this cot reception, however, you’ll add one for comfort. For outside use in summer time an equivalent holds.

But in cold conditions, you actually would like some insulated pad. However, being off the bottom, you wish way less insulation as compared to sleeping on the bottom. for a few smart pads, please check here. If you wish a bag further, you’ll realize them here.


I have seen individuals whiny concerning the setup and this seems to be the most issue with this cot. Especially, individuals wherever whiny concerning the following:

The tight length of the 2 facet sleeves after you need to place the sidebars in situ. There’s a kind of a pocket wherever the bars need to work. This can be therefore principally within the starting, it gets slightly loose later, however, in any case, it’s achievable while not tools. I will not perceive however anybody can have issues with this step. The legs are formed and extend slightly over the dimension of the bed, therefore you have got to press them to suit, however, this can be simply a tiny low force, and it is done by one hand that’s give a feeling of best backpacking cot! 


This cot is very suitable for a person. The Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot’s weight capacity is 225 pounds


Let’s see the specifications at a Glance

  •  Weight Capacity: 225 pounds
  •  6.81″ Wide X 2.99″ High
  • Rugged, powder-coated steel frame
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Carry bag enclosed for straightforward transport and storage
  • Rugged, powder coated steel frame
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Lightweight, compact style
  • Carry bag enclosed for straightforward transport and storage

Key options of Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot

  •  Very smart worth for tenting and carrying with you.
  •  It’s quite a good cot.
  • Very stable.
  • Simple construction.
  • Portable.


  1.  It is affordable to shop for.
  2.  It is incredibly durable and long lasting
  3.  The size terribly appropriate when packing.
  4. Portable and simple to hold.


  1.  This cot wants assembly before victimization.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can the little legs hold it up

Answer:  Yes, I weigh 210 lbs and have closely-held the cot for a few years while not issue.

  • Will it have cross bars beneath the sleeping area?

Answer: The bars bend at an associate angle from the facet and downward, that the canvas sleeping half doesn’t bit the bars. We tend to did not need cots wherever you’ll feel the crossbars in order that

  • However high off the bottom is it?

Answer:  Concerning eight (8) inches.

  • What’s the scale once rolled-up

Answer: It essentially rolls up in a very bag similar sized to a chair.

  • Does one suppose this may support a twin-size pad for infrequent use as an additional bed?

Answer: uncertain, the additional weight would build it last for some months topnotch; it did not hold me up at one hundred sixty pounds to well

The Extract

To conclude this Mountain Trails Base Camp Cot Review, what you have got here may be a significantly straightforward nonetheless purposeful style and this tool comes with the worth tag that’s onerous to match.

The length is typical for such cots, however, observe additionally that you simply don’t have any finish bar here. That the whole length may be a helpful length, and this can be what makes it totally different from military vogue cots.

Yet another smart issue is its dimension, therefore this cot is appropriate even for back sleepers, you’ll have enough houses for your arms. There aren’t any bars beneath the deck for any purpose, therefore you’re utterly safe from any pressure spots. However, think about adding some pad for further comfort. And make it best backpacking cot!


Kamp-Rite Economy Cot Review

Kamp-Rite Economy Cot review

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The Kamp-Rite economy cot can be carried anywhere and used as a bed when you are traveling outside or going camping. Kamp-rite economy cot comes with such a portable size it takes a few spaces during transportation as well as it can be carried hanging on your motorbike.

Kamp-Rite Economy Cot is one of the best backpacking cot for any kind of activity with transport access. It can be used at the beach are or wherever you going camping. This economy cot takes a few minutes for ready to use that means very to set up. it can not only be broken down easily but also be stored in a little space.

Key Features of Kamp-Rite Economy Cot

  • Solid cot- this cot made of four solid bars which are adjustable inside the green cloth of the cot. And it has also four angle bars to hold the cot up from the ground.
  • Strong and durable- The kemp-rite cot can carry 275 lbs and this cot is very strong and durable for its metal bar and also it gives long life because of its used the polyester cloth. Good enough as a bed for camping and you can find your best backpacking cot here. An ideal addition to emergency or disaster preparedness kit includes the carry bag.


Pros :

  • It is comparatively cheaper than any other cots available in the market
  • Kamp-rite Economy cot is suitable for any kind of necessary use.
  • This cot is easy to carry  and best backpacking cot
  • This cot is foldable in a suitable size
  • You can rely on its durability.
  • It is light and backpackers friendly.
  • Perfect for extra bed and emergency uses
  • The cot has a low profile, allowing you can fit it easily into smaller tents and rooms.
  • Economy Cot is easy to store and transport thanks to its lightweight, compactness, and the carry bag included in the package.
  • The fabric is very tightly stretched and extremely comfortable for sleeping.


  • Small in size and not possible use for doubling.
  • Its very lightweight if you sit on the side of this cot it is quite easy to fall over

Final words

Kamp-Rite Economy Cot is one of the best backpacking cot. It is small, light and very easy to carry during your trips. This cot is very strong and it is capable to take a heavy load on it which has been explained earlier in the features of the cot. This is a suitable cot for adventurous persons. It will give you a new experience during your outside stay. For more details, you can read our Kamp-Rite Economy Cot Review.


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