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The Hennessy is one of the most popular brands in the camping world for tents, hammocks and other hennessy hammock reviewscamping based supplies. This hammock numbers among their most popular range and looks to give all users a truly high quality feel to their camping experience. It has a huge number of features which combine to create a very advanced hammock for people who are committed to camping and who are going to take full advantage of the range of features that are included on it.

For those who don’t like to sleep on the ground when camping a hammock is a great alternative and many people prefer it to having to lie on the cold ground the Expedition series uses this to tailor a product to those campers who are looking for a more comfortable experience. If you are looking for best Hennessy hammock should not ignore best Hennessy hammock reviews. 

Hennessy hammocks have a different type, such as-

  • Hennessy Hammock Scout Series
  • Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series
  • Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Series
  • Hennessy Hammock Jungle Expedition
  • Hennessy Hammock Hex Rainfly – Rain Tarp


Today we are going to talk about Hennessy hammock Expedition Series

Features of Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

The Hennessy includes a wide range of features that give it a large amount of appeal due its adaptability and quality. This is one of the most popular models also. Best Hennessy Hammock Reviews will be described all the features here and pros and cons also included. For the clever camper that wants an all-in-one package, look no further than the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series. What makes the Hennessy unique and popular? Ridgeline, tarp, built-in bug net the Hennessy comes with everything. It’s spacious and features an asymmetrical design to make Hennessy hammock easier to get a flat lay.

Henessy hammock Reviews

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Key Specifications of  Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series 

  • Height Limit: 6′ tall / 183 cm
  • Weight Limit: 250 lbs / 114 kg
  • Packed Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz / 1247 g
  • Packed Size: 4″ x 7″ x 9″
  • Hammock Fabric: 70 D oxford nylon
  • Bottom Fabric Dimensions: 120″ x 59″
  • Mesh: 30D polyester No-See-Um netting
  • Suspending Ropes: 10′ long 1600 lb. test polyester rope
  • Webbing Straps: 1.5″ x 42″ long black polyester
  • Rainfly Weight: 10 oz / 280 g
  • Rainfly Fabric: 70D polyurethane coated polyester ripstop
  • Rainfly Dimensions: Parallelogram 63″ X 99″ / 160cm X 252cm Diagonal length above ridgeline 132″ / 335cm
  • Color: Hunter green hammock with hunter green fly and black trim
  • Stuff Sack: Logo and set up instructions printed on a ripstop polyester bag (18 g., 5/8 oz.)


This Hammock has 10 foot long ropes to attach the hammock meaning that it is very adaptable and is able to be set up even in locations with very sparse areas for positioning a hammock.


It has a height limit within the hammock of around 6 foot and a weight limit of 250lbs due to the lightweight nature of the material used and the layout of the hammock. This may slightly cramped for some people but most will be able to comfortably sleep in this hammock.

Weight and Size 

It has a packed weight of just 2lbs and 12oz making it extremely easy to transport and pack up when it has finished its use in that location, if this happens often then this is a great feature. When hiking having minimal weight is vital and having such a small pack is incredibly helpful in this situation.


It comes with a 30% larger rainfly than the previous model to help protect the camper from being affected by a large amount of rainfall, although it may not stand up to anything too torrential, again due to the lightweight nature of the hammock. Lots of people avoid hammocks due to the lack of protection against the weather but this doesn’t have that problem at all.

Every Hennessy comes with is a complete, engineered shelter system for one price. Hennessy Hammock includes webbing straps with each hammock to prevent damage to the tender bark of trees.
Hennessy includes webbing straps, tightly woven fabrics and high-quality support ropes, its a fully protected shelter. The Hennessy Hammock has almost zero impact and is an excellent example of a “Leave No Trace” shelter.

Other features 

It has several other unique features such as mesh pockets around the edge and webbing straps which protect the bark of the trees which it is attached to. Having a wide variety of features allows for a huge amount of convenience built into the model.


The quality of the design is where most of the positives that the Hennessy has comes from as it has clearly been very well thought out and crafted with a lot of care.

  • The asymmetrical design means that it is extremely easy to get into and out of and find a comfortable sleeping position when in the hammock, this makes for a far more comfortable sleeping experience.
  • The rainfly is extremely effective at diverting adverse weather conditions and allows you to be fully comfortable when sleeping even when there is a lot of rain.
  • The mesh pockets are very easy to access and have a good size which allows you to store a good amount of essential items in such as your phone or some smaller tools which you may need.
  • Its weight makes it excellent for people who are going to be traveling around whilst needing a hammock and therefore makes the perfect addition to any hiking expedition for those who don’t want to be sleeping on the ground.
  • Even for something made of such lightweight material it is very durable and very well insulated helping you keep at a comfortable temperature even on very cold nights whilst camping.
  • The length of the ropes means that it can be easily set up even when there are only a few trees around to attach it to.


Given the positives it has the hammock may be perfect for some people. however, there are drawbacks that may put some people off.

  • It can be convoluted to set up and this can make setting up camp time consuming, something which you may not want if you’re trying to set it up at night.
  • The height limit is quite small and taller people may have a hard time trying to get a comfortable night sleep lying straight.

FAQs of (Best Hennessy Hammock Reviews)

  • Can the bug net on the hammock be removed?
    • It can’t, it’s permanently attached in order to prevent insects from getting to you whilst you are asleep.
  • Is the weight threshold an issue?
    • If you are over 200lbs then the hammock may feel slightly strained whilst you are in it and would probably be more comfortable for you invest in something which gives you more support.
  • Where are the hammocks made?
    • They are hand made in China using a variety of very high-quality materials.
  • Does it come with the Hennessey Snakeskins?
    • It doesn’t as the snake skins are sold separately and can be added on along with a number of other Hennessy features.
  • Is this hammock bottom or side entry?
    • It is side entry meaning there is opening that can create a draft underneath you, place some padding or a mattress there to help with this.


Overall this is a great all round hammock for someone who is looking for a piece of kit that they can easily transport to multiple locations and set up with very few trees around. It does struggle when holding heavier people as well as having a complicated setup mechanism. However, it still provides a great all round service given the good materials used and the great asymmetrical design. Not take decisions yet! read our top 10 hammocks review.

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