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When you're going for the campaign, you need a proper comfortable cot. Instead of sleeping on the Floor, it is a much better idea to have a cot. When you're looking into the cot options for camping, you would find that coleman converta cot is one of the best options for you. When you're comparing it with some of the cot options, you would realize that it is much more superior. We would today go into the details of this cot option to provide you with a better picture. you may like our coleman converta cot review style!

Coleman Converta Cot Reviews nice cot

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Features of coleman converta cot

Multiple position options

Normally, when you're getting a cot you would be just having a single position option. However, when you're looking at this particular cot, it has 4 back options and 2-foot positions. Due to this very reason, you can easily customize the position of the cot. This facility is hardly available in any of the cot options.

Due to the multiple positions in which you can use the cot, you can use it as a campaign cot or you can use it by the swimming pool. You can easily use it in many other ways as well. This ensures that instead of just using it as a campaign cot, this is pretty versatile cot which can be used for a variety of different purposes. And here coleman converta cot reviews, we explained all !

In addition to that, the position which can be changed would ensure that people are able to decide about the position as per their own convenience. This makes the cot much more versatile.

Can support sizable weight

Coleman Converta Cot Reviews size

The amount of weight which this particular cot can support is 225 pounds. As a result, you can be sure that most of the people would get easily accommodated on the cot. Even though the weight which is supported by this particular cot option might not be the highest ever but you can be sure that most of the people would be able to easily get support by this cot.

Can accommodate all people

When you're looking into the length of the cot, you would realize that people up to 6'6" can be easily accommodated. This would involve most of the people. That is why, when you're buying it for your family members you need not worry about the height at all.

Heavy duty fabric

The fabric which is on top of this particular cot is consisting of heavy duty polyester fabric. That is why it would not tear off quickly. Moreover, due to the heavy duty fabric, you can be sure that the cot would be maintaining its shape whichever is the position which you're choosing. This is definitely added advantage.

Normally, the cot which is consisting of just a layer of fabric does not have good quality fabric. That is why the fabric would not last for a longer period of time. On the other hand, when you're looking at this particular cot, you would realize that not only is the fabric quality good enough but cloth is also pretty thick which ensures that you would not suffer from any problems when you're sleeping on the cot. You would not be pressing your body directly against the frame of the cot. The layer of the fabric would insulate you.

No sagging

Coleman Converta Cot Reviews folding

As the fabric is pretty sturdy and the fabric is not stretched a lot, you can be sure that irrespective of the position in which you're setting the cot in, there would be no sagging. Even after using the cot for a sizable amount of time, you would not find any sagging in the cot. This would ensure that it is able to maintain its form factor quite easily., You would be able to use this particular cot for a pretty long period of time.

At a glance of Coleman converta cot reviews, yes! its pros and cons.



  • Flexible positions:
  • The main advantage of this particular cot option is the flexible positions which it has on offer. Due to this very reason, you can rest entirely or you can just adjust the cot in the upright position. That is why it becomes much easier to position the cot in the position which you want.
  • Scratch resistant fabric:
  • The fabric which is present in the cot is stretch resistant. That is why you would not suffer from any problems of sagging.
  • versatile usage:
  • Due to the position changing abilities, the usage of the cot is also pretty versatile. This would, in turn, help you in using the cot by the swimming pool or in the camping sites.


  • No cushioning pad:
  • The top of the cot just consists of a layer of fabric. It does not consist of any type of cushioning. If you are specifically looking for a comfortable cot, then you would be better to avoid this one due to the fact that it is not having proper cushioning. That is why you would have to add the extra layer in order to have a comfortable sleep.
  • Doesn’t have carrying case:
  • Unlike some of the other cot options, this cot does not have the carrying case. That is why you would have to buy it separately.

Let's see what's the customer's Experience about this cot?

One Positive Review who gives 5 Star out of 5

"I spent quite a while shopping around for cots before getting this one. For the most part a solid cot seemed to be around this price range and the options became the trade-off between weight and quality / sturdiness. Then there is this cot, and in addition to being both a manageable weight AND plenty sturdy for anyone up to (or perhaps a bit over) 200 pounds it ALSO functions as a chaise lounge with about 4 available positions to angle the back rest." He also said "

"When I picked these cots and ordered some for my family I was thinking we could take these to the campground and use them to lounge / enjoy the day if we so choose and then they could get double duty locked into the horizontal position to sleep on.


Another nice bonus when I pulled them out of the box my wife immediately said she wanted to use them out back at home too because, unlike most chaise lounges, they do not have the "straps that leave marks on your butt." And when we're camping, the elevation keeps us off the cold ground (and associated condensation!) in addition to lump-free comfort."

And one more Negative Review Who gives 1 star ​out of 5 star

"I bought this last year, stored inside over the winter, just brought it out for the summer and it ripped at the seams the first time I sat on it! I weigh 130 lbs, so it's not on weight overload. After reading some of the other reviews I found that many others are having this issue and Coleman is not refunding for a defective product. So disappointed... DO NOT BUY!!!"


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can it be completely flat?

Yes, you can set it up to the completely flat position. Among the different positions which you can easily opt for the cot, a flat position is also an option. It is pretty easy to change the position of the cot.

2. What is the country in which it is made?

It is made in China.

3. Does it come with the carrying case?

No, it does not come with the carrying case you have to buy it separately. The carrying cases though which are available online are not that expensive.

4. What is the weight of the cot?

It weighs around 20 pounds. Considering the weight of the other cot options, you can be sure that it is comparatively heavy.

5. Can the fabric dry once it gets wet?

Yes, the fabric can dry pretty quickly but you have to avoid water contact as far as possible. The fabric is very strong and can dry pretty quickly.

6. What is the width of the cot?

The width of the cot is 25 inches. Considering the width of the cot, you can be sure that it can comfortably accommodate a single person.


So, if you're looking for a versatile cot, then instead of going for any of the other ones which do not allow you to change the position, you should definitely go for the coleman converta cot which is much more versatile and which is much more comfortable in a variety of different positions.

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