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When you’re off camping it can be a brilliant investment to buy a cot for your sleeping to make every night you’re out there a little bit more comfortable. Whilst they’re not as comfortable as an actual bed, they are brilliant for keeping you off the ground, especially helpful if you are camping in the colder weather. The Kwik-Cot is a very easily portable cot which serves the purpose of providing an above-ground sleeping location for when you don’t want to be sleeping on the ground when camping. Double tent cot reviews is a part of our favorite cot review. If you read this article you will get an idea which cot would be perfect for your camping.

Features of  Tent Cot Double Kwik-Cot FC321 

The product has various features which allow it to function as an effective solution to the camping sleeping issue that can put many people off camping. We are going to complete Double Tent Cot Reviews here. Let’s discusses the features of double tent cot.

Standard Size Double tent cot reviews

The size of the sleeping surface when fully folded out is 85” x 55” which is roughly the size of a standard queen mattress. It can also fold down into a package with the dimensions 43” x 11” x 11” with a weight capacity of 550lbs. The size of the package when folded down is small enough to easily fit into a car with a good sized trunk.

Strong Structure 

There is a strong bar structure supporting the bed with no end bars to allow for the entire surface to be used for sleeping. Having a sturdy frame under the bed means that you are left with a comfortable sleeping situation no matter where you are.


Made of very thick and durable fabric on the surface to give the best possible surface to sleep on and to prevent sagginess in the middle of each side of the cot. This hugely increases the value of the product and improves the experience of using the product.

Cheapest Double Cot Price 

Price of $129.99 making it the cheapest double cot available on the market. Compared to others which are made of far lower quality materials the value looks even better.

Easy to Setup 

Simple mechanisms to allow for quick setup and take down. Having a cot which can be set up quickly is hugely convenient when camping and can, therefore, be a huge benefit when setting up camp, potentially after a very long journey. Double tent cot reviews are not complete without discussing pros and cons, also find the answer what people are questioning always?


There are many pros to this bed as it offers a very comfortable and sturdy sleep for those who are looking for a good night sleep whilst out camping.

  • The price makes it incredibly good value for what it is given there are many cots made from lower quality materials which are being sold for a higher price.
  • There are no exposed metal surfaces and the material used is all very simplistic and stylish making it extremely well suited to a camping environment.
  • The construction also means that there are no bars at the end of bed restricting your sleep if you are taller than the length of the bed. This means that you are able to use the full surface of the bed very comfortably.
  • The surface itself is incredibly comfortable made from clearly very high quality materials that make the surface very welcoming and good to sleep on. There is enough space to use a thin mattress on it easily and therefore its comfort can even be improved upon by the use of additional padding.
  • The large weight that it is able to support is an indicator of the quality of the materials which have been used as well as the durability of their construction. This provides the cot with a very high level of comfort as well as stability, making it even easier to have a great night sleep on.
  • The setup is incredibly simple given the easy interlocking system and the basic locks which hold it in place. This helps greatly when having to set it up in a tent which may have limited mobility.
  • The size of the cot makes it a great purchase for couples who are looking to both have comfortable and study night sleeps with few other cots offering anywhere near the level of comfort of the Kwik-Cot. It is also not too high off the ground and it can easily fit into a good sized tent giving enough room to be maneuvered around.


  • The frame down the middle of the surface does make for a slightly awkward middle part which makes it extremely uncomfortable to lie on or near the middle of the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What materials make up the base?
    • The bars that make up the majority of the frame are made of very sturdy metal and the joints are made of a slightly more flexible plastic to help give the cot more stability and durability.
  • Do you need to use a mattress on top?
    • Sleeping on the bare cot itself is a huge improvement to the ground and is more than comfortable enough to get a good night sleep on. However using a queen mattress that you like and feel comfortable on can make it more comfortable and does help with the problem of the inconvenient central bar.
  • How does it fold up?
    • The folding mechanism is extremely easy to use and simply folds over itself to quickly fit into the carry bag to be transported.
  • How easily can it be transported to the camping location?
    • If you have a reasonable sized vehicle with enough space to also fit in a tent then this should be little or no problem. Its dimensions when folded make it fairly easy to have at the bottom of your trunk and transport easily.


Overall this is an excellent cot for a couple of people who are going out camping but don’t want to be sleeping on the ground. Great size and made from very durable materials it offers a brilliant night sleep for a very good price.You may also like our top 10 camping cot reviews.

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