Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock Review

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When looking for the right hammock it’s important to find one where you can be as comfortable as possible when you’re out camping. The Skeeter Beeter is one of the most complete hammocks on the market offering a variety of positives to the user which can be great for anyone who wants a protective hammock for their camping needs. The benefits of using a hammock in general over a tent is the speed of setup and the lightness compared the bulkiness of a big tent.If you read grand trunk hammock review you would find the perfect one which is comfortable and smart also.

Features of Grand Trunk Mosquito Hammock 

This hammock comes equipped with a wide range of features that give users a range of benefits which many other hammocks don’t include. Looking for grand trunk hammock review? it’s a right place. let’s see what is the features of this hammocks? 

Netting, Protected from all kinds of bug

The main feature of this hammock is the separate bug net which can be directly attached to the hammock in order to prevent mosquitos and other insects from irritating or even biting you whilst you sleep. Many hammocks aren’t available with attached netting so this avoids the inconvenience of having to search for a mosquito net which will fit onto your hammock. And its suitable also cool weather for comfortable camping.

How to Setup?

High-quality carabiners to help with easy setup and a sturdy feel whilst you’re in the hammock. This will allow you attach it to a wider variety of trees that may be scarce in the area which you are camping in, making the hammock far more convenient. This hammock is super convenient and its ready for multi use like a tent, sleeping pad or ground mat.

Smart Storage Pockets

 Storage pockets along the side which are intended to hold smaller items to have near you when you are asleep such as a torch, phone or wallet which you don’t want to leave somewhere that isn’t easy to access. Put all necessary things into the storage pockets and use them whenever you want.

Material and capacity

The base of the hammock is the made from 100% parachute nylon which gives the hammock a huge amount of weight bearing capability compared to most other hammocks with a capacity of up to 400lbs. Nylon is one of the strongest materials available for the construction of hammocks and gives it a true feeling of security.

 Comfortable Size

 The multiple tie outs on the hammock gives it a very large interior capacity of 10’6” x 5’ which is one of the most comfortable sized spaces available on the market. Many taller people struggle with hammocks but most people should be easily accommodated in one of this size.

Grand trunk hammock review would not be complete without discussing the pros and the cons. Let’s see the main part of Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock-


This is a very well made product which has many great features that have made it into one of the most popular hammocks on the camping market.

  • For something which has such a high holding capacity, it is very lightweight which indicates the presence of very strong materials used throughout the entire construction of the hammock including the main pouch as well as for the tie in ropes.
  • The net provides complete protection from mosquitos and other insects which may be irritating you whilst you sleep and prevents you from waking up with bites which, depending on where you are camping, may contain dangerous diseases.
  • Very easy to set up with excellent access to areas that can’t be accessed by tents making it extremely handy to have when camping in areas with lots of trees.
  • You can flip the hammock over and use either side. This means that you can choose to have it up with or without a net depending on what would feel more comfortable to you at the time.
  • Entry to the hammock is very easy and the hammock feels incredibly sturdy given the quality of the ropes and material used for the construction and it has great ability to attach itself to strong trees or other structures.


Although there may be a lot of positives about this hammock there are also some negatives which detract from the overall usefulness of the product and could easily be improved in order to create a more rounded product.

  • The storage pockets around the side of the hammock are a little hard to access and are impractical to use if you want to quickly get access to something that you’ve stored in there.
  • The mosquito net hangs very low and can drag down onto your face making the hammock feel slightly claustrophobic.
  • The hammock isn’t particularly long and can be difficult for a tall person to comfortably lie there straight for an entire nights sleep.
  • There isn’t a built-in rain cover and this has to be bought separately, this means that you may not remember that you need to buy one and be left getting rained on.

FAQs of ( grand trunk hammock review)

  • Can two people fit into this hammock given the size?
    • The weight capacity and size make it unlikely that two people would be able to share this comfortable and it’s probably not going to be able to be used in this way.
  • Can you remove the bug net?
    • The bug net is not detachable but if you don’t want that on top the hammock can be flipped over to use the side which doesn’t have a cover on it.
  • How will this react to the weather?
    • It can be alright in the rain and is mildly resistant to the light drizzle. However, if the rain ever gets more than a light spray it would probably be best to take it down if possible to make sure that it doesn’t end up getting damaged.
  • Are there different sizes grand trunk hammock?
    • There is only the one size which should be big enough to fit almost anyone unless you are very tall.


On the whole this hammock has very sturdy design and is made from extremely high-quality materials that allow a user to feel comfortable and safe from insect irritation. It’s also extremely to setup and can be done without any extra equipment. There are some problems however with the pockets and lack of a rain cover but overall it is a very well made product. Not take decisions yet! read our top 10 hammocks review.

Watch how to Hanging Skeeter Beeter Mosquito Net Hammock

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