How to Camp in Your Backyard/Lawn In Summer

Camp in Your BackyardDuring Summer, activities such as camping simply seem very interesting for almost everyone, regardless of how old you are. Feeling the warm summer breeze, while sitting circled around a campfire with your close friends and family, can seem like a wonderful getaway from the hectic life we lead these days. The best part is that you don’t have to go far or spend a lot to be able to go camping. In fact, you can bring your entire camp just outside your main door! Simply get a few tents, some sleeping bags, snacks, and you are good to go. Invite friends for a sleepover and turn it into a fun night, staying under the starry skies and playing exciting games and activities.

Prepare the campsite

Before you get started, you should prepare the campsite, aka your backyard with the appropriate materials needed for backyard camping. Make sure it’s clean to begin with, such as no dog wastes or mud, or anything sharp that might hurt someone. After that, remember to make a list of essentials you need and check if you got them all right. If you’ve gotten tents, then ensure that they’re pitched securely. Furthermore, you can make the sleeping area even more comfortable by adding in some pillows, cushions, or even some comfortable mattresses besides sleeping bags, camping cots and so on.

Double check the list of supplies

Sure, you may literally be camping at home, you may feel like you are close enough to get anything if you don’t have it. But going indoors to get something every hour can soon start seeming like a nuisance, especially in the middle of a discussion or campfire. As mentioned before, make sure that you’ve brought everything in your list. Besides that, don’t forget to bring important things like the flashlight, mosquito repellants, warm clothes, lanterns and so on.

Decorate a separate seating arrangement

If you have a little empty space in your backyard, utilize that area and decorate it as a small seating area. If you have some patio furniture or a picnic table, this-this when you can bring them forward, as they will create extra space for your guests to relax and eat if needed.

You can also play it up a little and decorate slightly different by putting up a few picnic chairs or benches and a small table to serve light snacks and drinks. Or even lay out mats and blankets out on the open grass so your guests can relax and lie down if they want to. Decorate your outdoor spaces in style with these easy and simple ideas. 

Prepare and plan the food in advance

Keep food items which won’t go bad too soon, such as a few bags of chips of different flavors, cookies, chocolates. If needed bring along a cooler with ice packs if you need to keep some food cold. For savory items, you can always rely on some simple sandwiches, hot dogs or even order pizza. If that’s too bland, you could always opt for an outdoor barbecue or cook in a fire pit, besides keeping campfire as an option for snacks. Do start early as slow cooking food over the fire will take some time to be ready. And also don’t forget about drinks and plenty of water beside the snacks.

Make a bonfire

What is the essence of camping without a bonfire? Before you light one, though, talk to the municipal authorities in your area ahead of time to see if it’s allowed in your area. Keep all safety precautions, such as fire extinguishers, emergency numbers, a water hose, and always keep an eye on the fire.

If you happen to have little children alongside your guests then make sure they have sufficient adult supervision so they don’t go near the fire unattended by any responsible adults. If needed, draw a circle or divider around the fire to help children stay away from the fire.

Plan some fun games and activities

There are a lot of campsite games that you can play with fellow campers. From simple scrapbook writing to a more adventurous activity such as a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood will be very entertaining for your guests. You may also play games like throwing bean bags, a few rounds of tag or a game of croquet, which are all great family games. Besides all that, you can turn the games into the competition where you hand a small prize to the winner. This will make the games more fun and interesting.

Bring on a party vibe with some light music

Before playing any music, make sure it’s not too loud for the neighbors. After all, you don’t want to disturb sleeping people. If playing your boom box or stereo isn’t a choice, you can always play some soft music or even plug on a cell phone to some speakers. This will surely liven the entire camping environment and get a party vibe going. However, don’t play any loud music when it’s time to sleep. The last thing you want is for the neighbors to call the cops on you.

Prepare for the night

After you are done eating, it’s time for some rest. But before you do that, you want to end on a good note. To have a good night, simply spread out blankets or bedspreads on the grass and try stargazing. Such activities can turn really interesting if you compete to see you can find the most number of constellations. Or you can also take it up a notch and take turns to tell spooky stories around the campfire. If that’s too scary for young kids though, you can always ask someone to bring around a musical instrument such as a guitar, so everyone can take part in a sing along together.

Keep memories of the night

Don’t forget to have a camera nearby to capture all the special memories. Snap some group photos and also some goofy ones of your friends and families so you can show them to your kids later on. Later on, print extra copies of the pictures, so everyone can keep a part of the memory with them.

Final words

Planning a campfire in your very own backyard should be no big of a task. Just keeps things simple and fun, and your guests will surely like the entire idea a lot. After all, the main goal is to spend some quality time with your loved ones and have a great time. Hopefully, the ideas presented in this article will be a big help the next time you plan something like this for your friends and family.

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