TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot Review

Many larger people can struggle to find a camping cot that is available for them and is comfortable enough for them to get a good night sleep on. There is often a gap in the market for products such as these which are created for this demographic and there is normally less range in the products available.


The Teton XXL is designed for larger people and offers them a comfortable experience that most normal cots won’t be able to give them. This gap in the market has been filled with the Teton and many large people will look to this as the hallmark of quality products which is targeted at them. Read our complete Teton sports outfitter XXL cot review before you buy.


  • Patented steel leg frame
  • Supports up to 600 pounds
  • Heavy-duty rubber bushings
  • Compatible with custom XXL foam pad (sold separately)
  • Measures 85 x 40 inches when open
  • Folds up to 42 x 12 x 7 inches
  • Includes carrying bag

Features of Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Cot

 This cot has a variety of specs which are specifically designed to help it fulfill its ability to give people who wouldn’t be able to use standard cots a good night sleep.

Dimensions of this cot 

The dimensions of the surface are 85” x 40” x 19” with the ability to fold into a package to be transported with the dimensions 42” x 12” x 7” and an overall weight of 26lbs. For a cot of this size the weight isn’t a great deal and it folds down to a very compact package to be easily transported.

Made by heavy duty Materials TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot review

Extruded aluminum frame with patented steel S legs as support for the heavy duty 600D poly canvas top. High quality materials are the key to a great product and this means that using aluminum adds to the quality of the product in every aspect. And this is an Incredible cot which can give us well worth the price.

Huge Capacity 

Supports a weight of up to 600lbs, a very large amount given the weight of the cot itself which indicates the quality of the materials that have been used as well as the design of the support structure. The cot is very well made which has the huge capacity to use and the sleeping area is bigger than a twin size mattress.

Compatibility apply?

Easily compatible with other Teton products allowing you to add parts to the cot from other parts of the series that may improve the sleep. When paired with the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad, you can use it very comfortably as a guest bed and have a feeling of a luxury bed. When you need you can put them together. They fold up easily and slide into a carrier similar to a camping chair. 

Any Guarantee?

Comes with a lifetime warranty for issues that come as a result of problems with the product. This ensures that you will be able to trust the cot and therefore be able to use it without worrying about the materials or structure.

Teton sports outfitter XXL cot review explained here important part pros and cons also. let’s see-


This product gives a huge range of great positives given the strength of it and how well it is constructed.

  • The construction is excellent and uses a very simple frame constructed of very high quality materials which give it the incredible supporting weight that it does have. This means that for virtually any sized person can feel very comfortable when sleeping on the cot.
  • The price of the cot for the strength of it is an incredible value and given the quality of materials, it makes the value of the product to be even better.
  • The top of the cot is made from a very high quality material which gives it a very comfortable feeling. There is enough space to use a single mattress on there in order to increase the level of comfort even more.
  • The setup is very simple and only requires minimal effort to unfold. The design of the supporting frame means that it is completely setup simply by folding it out and snapping the lock into place, making assembly very simple even when being done inside the confines of a tent.
  • The lifetime warranty is a brilliant guarantee for the quality of the design and the materials used as they stand by it lasting for an incredibly long period of time.
  • For a cot this size you would expect it to be a lot heavier than it is, however given the use of aluminum for most of the frame the weight is not a huge problem as 26lbs is a very good weight for a cot of this size and quality.


Whilst there are many pros to this product there are also a few cons as well due to the design of it has a couple of flaws.

  • The bars at the end of the bed are not locked in place and so if you are left trying to maneuver it by using these they may pop out which makes moving it around in a tight space somewhat difficult.
  • The bag that you are given to carry the cot in is not very high quality and doesn’t even have a zipper, this gives it a s lightly cheap feel and contradicts the quality of the cot itself.

Have a look how to setup Teton sports outfitter XXL cot

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How tall is the cot when it has been fully set up?
    • The cot stands 19 inches off the ground.
  • Do you need a specific XXL mattress?
    • No you do not, you can easily use a regular mattress or a sleeping bag on the cot which will easily fit on there and provide a high level of comfort which will make the sleeping much more comfortable.
  • Is there enough room to move around on it?
    • For an average sized person, there is easily enough room on the top to turn over to both sides and onto your front without being uncomfortable.
  • Do you have to use it for camping?
    • That’s what it is primarily designed for but with a small mattress topper of some kind, it can easily be used as a temporary or guest bed in your home if you have a lot of people coming to stay over.

Final Words

We are the end of Teton sports outfitter XXL cot review, The Teton is one of the strongest cots on the market which offers incredible levels of support for having such a minimal frame. The quality materials and the efficient construction means that the cot can easily support its advertised weight and give you a very comfortable and stable night sleep wherever you end up using it and whatever size those sleeping on it are. If you want you can definitely use this cot also for an extra bed in your house for overnight guests.

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Robert J. hamilton - last year

I own this cot, have you used it? The reason I ask is the cons and a few things aren’t quite right. The end bars do lock and my carry bag has been in use for 5 Years now. Overall good review, just curious if you used it.

    smartlycamping - last year

    Hi! Robert J. hamilton, you are absolutely right from your site. but my experience is different. You know that all people are not having the same experience! I am happy to hear that your experience was really good. that’s great for the users. Thanks to you for sharing your experience with us.


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