The Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot Review

Have you stopped going tenting as a result of you can’t get a better night’s sleep? Sleeping on the bottom was nice during your childhood, however, as you become older you wish one thing far more comfy. Are you interested in smartly camping? The choice is to induce yourself a cot and if you’re reaching to bang somebody special, otherwise you rather like the additional space, you ought to look into the Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot Bed. This cot has more space a single folk and contains the most capability of three hundred lbs. Are you interested perfect cot let read The Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot Review and make your decision.

This collapsible cot is simple to line up and nice to use once camping outside or if you’ve got surprising guests. In fact, it’s this massive and sturdy that you just will throw a large mattress on this cot. One in all the options of the Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot is that the proprietary folding system that is supported by a heavy-duty steel frame.

Designed for superior comfort, this bed even comes with its own storage bag. However, don’t take my word for it. This camp cot is one in all the foremost standard tenting things on Amazon thus look into what people got to say concerning it here.


This cot is constructed to last and is one in all the few big cots on the market these days. Besides the proprietary folding system.

  •  6″ high
  •  6″ wide
  •  Compact tenting cot with powder-coated steel  frame
  • Heavy-duty one, 000D nylon cloth protect comfort
  • PolyOx nylon parts.
  • Secure mesh storage pocket; cushiony head section
  • Setup: 79″L x 29″W x 19″H ; Bed: 29″L x 79″W; Folded: 39″L x 8″W x 7″H
  • Weight: nineteen lbs; Capacity: Three hundred lbs

Heavy Duty 600D Carry Bag
Options: Kamp-Rite Gear Bag under the cot frame.


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Features of the Kamp-Rite  Kwik Cot

Desirable Cot

Sleeping on the bottom is often rough. Rock, roots, and sloping campsites conspire to have an effect on the standard of your sleep. The Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot is a wonderful selection for anyone World Health Organization needs to induce off the bottom and have some area to snuggle with somebody special. This bed is additionally comfy, durable, and simple to the line. This cot will be a key tool for your smartly camping. And we all know the benefits of camping for youth.

Kwik Cot Bed’s Specialty

Very few cots on the market these days square measure large enough. Therefore the Kamp Rite Kwik may be a nice selection once you square measure searching for a bigger cot. Additionally, to its size, this Cot is rated for up to three hundred lbs.


Besides its size, the Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot is very comfy to sleep smartly on with or while not the associate mattress. The frame made up of heavy-duty steel, making certain this bed is very durable — not flimsy or at risk of tipping over.


This could be the one downside of this Cot whereas it doesn’t weigh a lot, at 19 lbs. It’s heavier than almost all the camp beds on the market. However, it will accompany its own storage bag and this makes it extremely convenient automobile to hold from your car to the camping site.

Set Up

The cot comes already assembled that may be a massive and, and fixing the Kamp-Rite Kwik is fairly easy. However, the leg system that additionally provides such a lot support may be a bit trickier than a number of the opposite cots we tend to sampled thus it would possibly take some obtaining accustomed to However, if you’ll be able to rig a tent you’ll realize fixing the Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot to be a breeze.


Unfortunately, the manufacturer has interrupted this cot, thus if you actually want a guaranty you desire to ascertain with the vendor. Consistent with Amazon’s website a manufacturer’s guarantee is often requested, however you ought to check the terms initially.



  • You will be able to purchase this cot at the good price.
  • There is no metal surface and very comfy.
  • Usable the full upside of the bed very comfortable.
  • Large and easy to use.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Capable of taking heavyweight three hundred lbs.


  • The frame under the center of the surface does make a slightly awkward center part which creates a little uncomfortable to stay near the center of the bed.
  • The shipping weight of the cot is quite high, reaching 48 lbs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there any cross-bar under the fabric that will be felt when lying on the cot? Or is the fabric totally suspended from the sides only?
This cot has no cross bars. This is very comfy. Easy to set and fold as well. This cot is more comfortable than any other cots and Very sturdy.

Question: How high is it off the ground when set up?
18” at the center braces.

Question: what is the height of the cot after setting up?
79″Length x 29″Width x 19″Height

Question: Will this cot fit a six-foot person?
Yes, this cot has plenty of leg room

Question: Is the fabric durable?
It’s tight and durable.

Question: If the cot is folded up will it fit on my bike?
It will be very difficult to fit on your bike. It will be best to transport in a motor car.

Question: What is the capacity of the cot?
300 lbs

Question: Can I use this cot in my bedroom?
Yes, you can use it in your bedroom if you want.


Even though this cot has been interrupted by the manufacturer, it’s still a good selection for associating one searching for an outsized cot/bed. Sturdy and comfy, the Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot Bed is a smaller amount dearer than several of the opposite cots on the market these days. We are the end of The Kamp-Rite Kwik Cot Review so if you have any question let us know buy the comment we will try to provide you more information about this cot. The cot is additionally well-built and also the heavy-duty steel frame is powder coated to safeguard it from the weather and you will be able to enjoy a smart camping. 

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